Start Your Rentvesting Journey

Peter Mastrioanni founded to assist as many people as possible to gain a foothold in the Property Market. By recognising a niche in the market that would allow many renters to invest in property, he set out to develop a system that utilised his 13+ years in the Property industry as an Accredited Finance Broker, alongside partners in the industry, that would make it easier to effectively grow his client’s property portfolios.

As Australians, we’re bombarded with negativity surrounding the Property market, often from the media, our social circles, even our family members. However, history has shown that Property is a relatively safe investment, with positivity from the experts never being in short supply.

Peter’s book, The Property Investor’s Buyers Guide, landed him on Money Magazine’s “Author Of The Month” with it’s simple, yet effective message about Property Investment. Peter‘s passion for property investment is evident as an active member and participant across several professional industry associations. property-investors-buyers-guide-port

With numerous connections in the industry, Peter has partnered with other Property Investment Experts in order to bring in experience from all aspects of the market. These Property Mentors are well versed in the Rentvesting concept and are trusted professionals in the industry.

By filling in the simple survey below, our Property Mentors will be in touch to let you know how to get started on your Property Investment journey, where you will learn:

  1. How you can retire before 55.
  2. How to purchase three properties over the medium term to create residual income.
  3. How to retire on that residual income.
  4. How to tap into alternative property investments that have lower entry costs and higher short term returns.  
  5. How to leverage superannuation to build a long-term wealth building machine.
  6. How to do all the above and not need a six figure salary!