Rentvesting Strategy Webinar

Keen to retire before 55?

Who is Peter Mastroianni?

Craig Stampfli

Peter is a property finance expert and the founder of Loans Only, specialising in investment lending. He is the author of two top-selling real estate books and host of The Rentvesting Podcast. Peter is passionate about supporting the next generation of investors rethink the traditional home ownership model. He does this by championing the Rentvesting® strategy through

Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

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Ready To Start Learning Actual In-depth Rentvesting Strategies?

Here's what we'll cover in the webinar:

  • How to purchase three properties in seven years creating a residual income that you can eventually retire off… and no, you don’t need a six figure salary for this to work!
  • How to tap into alternative property investments that have lower entry costs and higher short term returns. Perfect for individuals building a nest egg and wanting better returns than leaving it sitting in the bank!
  • Superannuation… how to leverage and release this beast and build it into a long-term wealth machine.
  • Strategies on how to purchase investment properties, keep the available grants and maximise your tax benefits. And much, much more…