How Rentvesting Can Improve Your Lifestyle

January 18, 2017


By admin

How Rentvesting Can Improve Your Lifestyle
Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

The clichéd image of an “investor” is someone who drives an expensive car, drinks nothing but fine wine and dresses in the best labels. In truth, this is a minority. An investor could be pushing their trolley next to yours at the local shop wearing track pants. Investing definitely improves lifestyle when done correctly, and here are some ideas of what to expect.


Of course people see dollar signs when they think of “investing”. Property investment can do wonders for your income when you grow your portfolio and become a landlord, but this doesn’t magically happen overnight. The amount of reward depends on how much risk you can bear. Patience and good timing is required, as well as an advisor or two on how to handle that extra cash.


There’s no shame in taking pride in your work and saying “I invested in property”. Investing and getting a good return helps people stand that little bit taller. It may also help you push that little bit extra when investing in another property.


“Earn some money, retire early, travel the world,” is how the tagline seems to go. The money made from property investment will subsidise the money normally made from full-time employment. Some might stop cut back to a part-time workload or stop working altogether. The time normally spent at the office is instead given to travel or even the family.


When you invest in property, you learn things you only touched the surface of in school. While you might not be confident in dishing out tips to your friends, the lessons you’ve learned can apply to many different situations. This can include patience or even how to search listings easily for your next property.

The rewards from rentvesting isn’t just about money and flashy baubles. While extra wallet lining is a plus, the other perks serve you better for longer. A little confidence here and some patience and knowledge on real estate listings there can improve your lifestyle in a big way.


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