How You Can Commit to Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2017

December 28, 2016


By admin

How You Can Commit to Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2017
Posted on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Having a New List of Resolutions Worth Attempting 

Some people swear by them, others think they are a joke. One thing is for sure, New Year’s resolutions are back for 2017 and this time, they are worth sticking to. The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they often not taken serious enough. Whether it is to quit drinking, smoking or time to lose that extra padding you acquired throughout the year, most people don’t give it a second thought until the New Year. If these goals were truly worth achieving, why wouldn’t we have started them months ago instead of waiting for the New Year? Most people might make a commitment, slip up and then get to the end of the year adamant that New Year’s resolutions just don’t work. Goals are meant to be challenging and just because you slipped up once, doesn’t mean they are worth giving up on so easy.

Using Passion as Your Fuel

The driving force behind your goals is passion and determination. Without this, your goals will be just be statements you tell yourself but not even believe yourself. For your New Year’s resolutions to come to fruition, you need to really want to achieve them. For example, if you have decided to quit smoking once and for all, it can help to discover the underlying reasons as to why you want to do this. Health is one that pops into everyone’s mind but it can be more helpful to delve into deeper than this. You want to breath clearer, lower your risk of cancer, be there for your children as they grow up, these are the reasons you should have to remind yourself why you have decided to take on this challenge.

Reward Yourself

If you struggle to find any particular reason to ignite your passion, perhaps make one up for yourself. That is creating an incentive for you to achieve a goal that will be beneficial for yourself. For example, losing a couple of kilos can sometimes seem like more trouble than it is worth, especially for those who struggle with exercise to begin with. Why not celebrate the achievement of this goal by taking a weekend away or an activity that you have been itching to try out.

The Road to Achievement

Even with an incentive, actually getting around to achieving the goal can be an arduous task. You constantly tell yourself you will take a break today or have an excuse for tomorrow. Before you know it, it’s the end of the year and you have barely made an effort towards any of your goals only to come to the conclusion that New Year’s resolutions simply don’t work. This is where setting deadlines helps. I’m not talking about the 12 months in between New Year’s and December 31st. Instead having a roadmap or journey to follow your goals, cannot only keep you motivated, it can also help you feel grateful for the progress you have made. For example if your New Year’s resolution is to save more, you can have a goal at the end of each month to reach and as every month passes, you will see these mini goals achieved and working towards that bigger goal whatever the figure may be.

Know What You Really Want to Change

Goals aren’t really goals without having strongly identified figures. If your New Year’s resolution is to simply “lose weight” well then this can be achieved within a week, even if it is just 2 kilograms. Instead you want to really know what it is you are working towards. This might be to lose 20 kilos or quit smoking for 30 days. When you have an end in sight, you can pull yourself through even the most demotivating times. You may even surprise yourself when you do reach the end because once a new habit has been formed, even a healthy one, it can be harder to break.

Keep It Positive

Finally one thing that may give you that extra push, word your resolution in a positive light, make it something of power and excitement. Instead of saying you will make a resolution to stop procrastinating, trying saying you will have better focus of your energy or create a more productive use of your time. It may seem like a subtle, unimportant change, but create a positive mindset starts from the root and this will affect how you feel about your resolution as the year progresses.

Starting Fresh

All in all, New Year’s resolutions can be an opportunity to change your life for the better and starting from January 1st means you can cross off each day with little thought to the last 12 months, instead constantly looking forward. Setting resolutions and sticking to them can be difficult for some, especially those who struggle with commitments but all these things take practice and the more you at least make an effort, the easier it will become as time goes on. Know that you are making the right decisions and see yourself as the person you want to be when you have finally reached 2018, achieving everything you set out to do, having one hell of a year! Have a happy and healthy New Year!


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