Financially Unsettled? Know Your WHY for Investing

December 10, 2016


By Peter Mastroianni

Financially Unsettled? Know Your WHY for Investing
Posted on Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Being new to the world of investment can be a daunting experience thanks to a whole range of factors. Beyond the obvious financial uncertainty when starting, there becomes factors that can influence our decisions in ways we never would have planned for.

The demanding questions we have between our ears are often a prime example of such unpredictable walls to climb. Wondering whether we are doing it at the right time, in the right way and with the right people can go on for so long that it stacks up to be a whole new area for concern in itself.

And if these concerns are left unattended, they result in a confusion that leaves us asking whether or not the investment world is even suited to us as people. Are we cut out for the mental stamina it requires? Are we investing in the right fields?

And most importantly, are we ultimately investing for the right reasons? 

Are the reasons we’re choosing for considering investment still the same as they always were? Are we investing for the reasons we believe are right, or for someone else’s reasons? And how would we even know if we are in fact on the right track with such answers?

A lot of budding investors can come to realise they may have been only getting into investment because their friends seemed to be moving on with life before them, or because they felt as though they had to follow in the footsteps of their parents – potentially successful investors themselves.

But investing for the wrong reasons can not only leave us unfulfilled and internally uncertain throughout the entire investment process (often lasting for years into the future), it can also leave us stuck at the starting line, unable to get out of the gates held by confusion and fear.

So what’s the antidote to such a potential handbrake on the investment world that’s supposed to provide such comfort and certainty moving forward? 

The key is to know your ‘why’ for investing, and the mastery of that key is in committing to that ‘why’. A ‘why’ is simply another name for a true reason or purpose that matters more than anything else to you, and it’s a major motivator for anyone that needs a reminder to keep taking action towards their goals and desires.

Anyone and everyone can think of a hundred different reasons for why investing is a smart, logical and positive choice to make in life, but in order to get the best results from your investment strategy moving forward it is critical that you understand your true purpose for doing so.

It is essential that you know your own, individual and unique why. 

Is it a why that reminds you of how much it matters to you that your family have every opportunity to live a fulfilling life now and in the future? Is it a why that keeps you on track to financial freedom, something you’ve always seen yourself eventually achieving? Is it a why that allows you to give to a particular cause or charity that matters deeply to you?

Maybe your why is a reflection of the fact that you desire the financial comfort that comes with successful investing, and you’re aware of the opportunity that gives you to live the lifestyle you choose.

Is financial comfort something you’ve always strived for? Find out how you can build more of exactly that into your investment strategy right here

The first step, if you’ve been feeling financially unstable recently – or unsure about the financial path you’ve been taking – is to take a moment to consider what your why is.

There are as many different why’s as there are people on the planet, which allows you to take the time to adhere to your personal desires and goals as opposed to feeling like you need to invest for everyone else’s reasons.

And once you know your why, all the other confusion and unsettledness can start to fade away as you’re then able to focus on what really matters – all whilst appreciating that the challenges and triumphs along the way are all just a part of the growth journey.


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