What Your Investment Goals Say About Your Personality

November 30, 2016


By Peter Mastroianni

What Your Investment Goals Say About Your Personality
Posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

There is a particular type of identity that comes along with being an ‘investor’, an identity that many would aspire to for both expansive and obvious reasons.

Investors are often perceived to be the type of people that understand what it means to be patient, that appreciate the value of wealth and are able to see it for what it truly is: a tool for creating and leveraging opportunity.

They’re the type of people we want to be around – not necessarily for their material or monetary qualities (and quantities) but because their mindset suggests they are likely to be the type of people that can either create, harness or notice opportunities in our world where others cannot.

And just that alone is exciting to be influenced by.

Conversations with such people are often interesting, the actions they take tend to have more impact, and the relationships they create are never short of meaningful to say the least.

There’s just something comforting and confidence-building about being around those that appreciate the value of investment.

And within that of course, there are noticeable differences in the personalities and social energies of different types of investors – whether they be stock investors, real estate investors, venture capitalists, the list can go on…

But perhaps the most intriguing personality trait – the one that we can immediately identify within ourselves as either budding or seasoned investors – is the trait that suggests we either invest for security or comfort.  

Although appearing to be linked on the surface level, both are very different forms of mindset that carry with them significantly different personality traits and life experiences.

And because we all invest for different reasons there is course there is no right nor wrong – only what suits the lifestyle of the investor – but it is critical to appreciate our individual reasoning and purpose for investing in the modern world.

Those that invest for security can be spotted from a mile away. They invest for the future certainty that is achieved through strict saving and hard guidelines that ensure they continue to meet the demands of the investment they have undertaken. They typically invest in strategies and assets that pay off extremely well in the future, but can be restricting in the now.

In its most strict form, security-investors have chosen to sacrifice flexibility and versatility of lifestyle for future reassurance of the highest degree.

Investing for security is the perfect strategy for some investors, but as the options for investing continue to diversify as the choices in lifestyle grow with it, many are beginning to invest for another reason…

Those that invest for comfort may not be immediately noticeable in terms of the way they conduct themselves and the lifestyle they lead, as they don’t tend to subscribe to traditional and old-school beliefs about investing.  

You may not notice them because, well, they tend to still be able to have the same flexibility and freedom as everyone else…

They invest for financial comfort and flexibility of lifestyle in the current moment they are living, as opposed to saving for a future they haven’t reached yet.

Comfort investors display an appreciation for future financial requirements, but are also self-aware enough to realise that isn’t the ultimate goal of how what they want to achieve financially right now.

And although they are continually putting money away into investment for financial growth, they continue to live a lifestyle that encourages the same flexibility and adventure they always valued before they started investing.

They have this option not necessarily because they have more money to begin with or because they’re smarter or more savvy investors, but because they invest in a way that still allows them to live within their means. They haven’t gone as ‘all in’ as security investors, but are still much further along financially than those who haven’t decided to invest at all.

They have noticed and capitalised on modern market opportunities that allow them to have their financial cake and eat it too.

And more and more of the modern investment-driven population are opting for the comfort-driven investment mindset, understanding that the current market conditions are more geared towards investing for financial comfort in the now as opposed to financial security in the future – a future that now appears more uncertain and more unpredictable than ever.

So what are your reasons for investing?

What type of investor do you feel you ultimately resonate with?

And how does this change the investment opportunities you will notice now moving forward?


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