3 Steps to Enjoying the Journey to Wealth When You’re Still Broke!

October 18, 2016


By Gennavieve Lyons

3 Steps to Enjoying the Journey to Wealth When You’re Still Broke!
Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

If you are anything like me, when people asked me why I was sacrificing so much while working so hard on my personal wealth creation, my response (and perhaps yours) was something along the lines of:

“I want to get out of debt and create passive income so I can put 100% of my focus into my passions and interests. I have lots of things in my life that I want to do and accomplish, so I am putting in the hard work now.”

This is still as true as ever, however in order to stay in the right mindset for attracting wealth, the key is keeping balance in your life. There’s no need to wait for everything – do some of those bucket list things now! You don’t have to be completely financially free to do what you love to do. Don’t however, lose sight of your financial goals in the process. If you wait to be rich before you do something, you might wait your whole life, because you will always set a higher financial goal, trust me! Do whatever it is and enjoy it in a way you can do it right now.

You will need to consciously allocate time to follow your passions, otherwise you will make excuses. Most people trap themselves in a ‘means-to–an-end’ style of living. People tend to work for 40 years or more at a job or business they hate so that ‘one day’ they can do what they want… in retirement. Everybody does it, seems like people are trained to do that; to all follow society’s blueprint for a boring life. If you are already breaking to mold by taking your wealth into your own hands, I urge you to take it one step further, pursue a passion or tick off some life goals at the same time to keep you sane!

It might not be perfect. Maybe not the exact style you want to do it, but it’s a start, and will serve as fantastic motivation to reach your financial goals so you can put more time or funds towards whatever it is you want to do!

Here’s an exercise to help you get started:

  1. Make a list of five things you’ve always wanted to do. Then beside each one, write your reasons why you haven’t or can’t do that thing.
  2. Read your reasons back to yourself ALOUD. Are those reasons really just excuses and deep down have you always known that? Now, for every reason ‘why you can’t’, come up with at least one reason ‘why you can’ pursue what you want.
  3. Pick three of those wants (or maybe all five) and start doing them! Start learning what you need to learn. Do some research; talk to people who are doing what you want and are really good at it. Work out how you can do it on the budget you have now, rather than putting it off completely.

For example, say you wanted to learn a new language (goal). Initially you imagined a personal tutor or to take classes, however right now you are to time poor (excuse). Now think outside the box. How about to start you download a language app and practice when you have a few spare minutes, or find an audio course that you can play in the car on your way to work (solution).

One of our main reasons for being rich is to be happy (despite what people say!), why not make the journey to wealth worthwhile too? Start living as much of your dream life as you can right now and close the gap between the two lives!


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