Building Wealth Through Residential Investment Property is an Opportunity Available to All Australians, Not Just Rich Middle-Aged Men

August 19, 2017


By admin

Building Wealth Through Residential Investment Property is an Opportunity Available to All Australians, Not Just Rich Middle-Aged Men
Posted on Saturday, August 19th, 2017

For many Australians, the idea of the typical property investor is likely to be a wealthy male, wearing a suit and speculating on property full time. The reality however, is much different, a majority of Australia’s property investors are those who already own their own home and are looking for a way to continue building wealth and financial security for their future. In fact, 83% of investment properties are owned by just small-scale investors according to the ABS.

An article found on the ABC website details what the typical property investor would look like. The average age is around 42 years old, married, while earning an average net annual income of $103,200. Most of these investors could purchase their investment property financing with a mortgage and are more likely to be self-employed than the typical owner occupier.

What is interesting to note however, is that the typical property investor is ⅔ more likely to be male than female. There are cases of investors getting involved in the purchase of their investment property with their partner and with up to 72% of investors being married, this would make sense but why don’t we see as many women being involved in real estate investment.

This could be correlated with the employment data of residential investors with many being employed in typically male dominated careers such as management, skilled trades and small business owners meaning they may have more exposure to the benefits of property investing or it could also be that females are more risk averse than males meaning they are more reluctant to make big financial decisions such as getting involved in the property market.

There may also be financial aspect to the decision with those on a lower income feeling they have less opportunities to purchase property and with women earning on average less than men, they could have limiting belief that their finances lock them out of the market.

Whichever the case, the importance of property investment cannot be stressed enough for people of all walks of life especially today now that we see families of all shapes and sizes. With more women being involved in real estate investment, we would see greater opportunities to close the wealth gap currently existing in the Australian workforce and for more women to enjoy financial security. From a purely financial standpoint, if one was determined to decide to purchase an investment property, putting money aside each pay period will ultimately add up over just a few years, regardless of your current income level.

Property investment offers a long term, secure investment and is often much simpler to understand than other types of asset classes such as shares and bonds. Our taxation system activity encourages investment in real estate and there many reasons to get involved aside from wealth accumulation and income. While residential investors are mostly made up of your average Australian, virtually anyone can study the basics and take advantage of the benefits investment must offer, Australians of all demographics.


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