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Gain access to the latest and most comprehensive real estate reports

Whether you are looking to sell your property, purchase a new home or branch out into the world of real estate investment, having the right data at your fingertips is crucial. That’s where we come in.

Access free property valuation reports for Victoria, Sydney and beyond

CoreLogic – RP Data is the industry-leading provider of insights and analytics for the market, offering regular, detailed property information and suburb reports on opportunities throughout Australia. 

These guides provide the estimated value on today’s market and what it was previously worth and projections for the future. 

Free RP Data Report

While this instant information is beneficial, CoreLogic – RP Data has over 20 years of collated details on every opportunity in Australia, as well as suburb-level information. See all of the most crucial details across estimated values, recent images, sales history and comparative figures on similar properties in the area.

We believe these resources are the ultimate tool to help you make an informed decision before you sign the dotted line on a purchase. These reports are usually priced at $39.95, but when you work with our consultants, they’re readily available for free as part of the process. We want to help you make a more informed decision, and this is an essential part of the journey – having all of the information you need to do so.

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Our strategists can work with you to help you determine whether investing or purchasing a home is right for you. 

These sessions are available in 30-minute blocks and can help you make an immediate decision.

Looking for more? We can help you build a profitable portfolio

Instead of thinking of these steps as a process, we believe it should be considered a journey. We can be your guide on this path, showing you the right moves to make through our property mentoring service. Our experience can help you make decisions that could save or make you tens of thousands of dollars and accelerate your trip towards achieving a profitable portfolio.

Dominate the property space – power up your wealth

Say goodbye to the dramas concerning wealth development with our investment lending services. Combined with the experts at Loans Only, we help you navigate the complex space to secure a long-term strategy towards establishing a successful property portfolio. Our team can guide you through the process, explore the best possible opportunities and open up unsurpassed paths to bigger and better wealth.

What is rentvesting?

This process essentially flips the traditional model of buying a property and saving to purchase an investment one. In the future, enjoy the lifestyle you want to lead by acquiring the ‘home of your dreams’ all through a process that ensures you make no sacrifices along the way. Our unique approach to rentvesting means you get the best of both worlds, securing long-term property success and an asset base that sets you up for the future.